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Our Physiotherapists are university qualified professionals who have expert knowledge in the structure of the human body and its movement.

We work with people of all ages to treat a broad range of health conditions including sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions as well as chronic health conditions. Our physiotherapists will be involved in the assessment, diagnosis, planning and management of your care in relation to these conditions.

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We provide the following assessments

For those looking to achieve their maximum performance whether it be in sport, work or general lifestyle goals; we can also provide a number of assessments: 

Bike Fit Assessments

Whether an avid cyclist or the casual rider, adjustments of seat and handlebar position is essential for maintaining good riding posture and promoting force production. Bring in your bike and get it fitted to you personally today.

Running Assessments

Getting the edge on field or track may require a comprehensive assessment of running posture. We can provide live assessment and feedback to help you get the most power and endurance out of your running.

Work Fit Assessments

If you are an employer looking for the next top candidate for your business, we offer tailored work fit assessments to include the exact requirements of the job offered.

Services we offer

We believe in giving our patients the most up-to-date and effective treatments to assist with their health condition. At Pro-Active Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are trained in a variety of adjunct therapies to offer you the quickest recovery: 


We accept:

  • Private consultations (no referral needed)

  • Medicare 

  • Department of Veteran Affairs

  • Workcover NSW

  • CTP Insurance

If you are unsure whether or not our Physiotherapists can assist you, give us a call and we will be more than happy to have a chat about the services we offer.